About Us

Charcuterie Boards Near Me is the official business directory of the International Charcuterie Association. 

We are a team of food lovers and industry experts who created this one-stop-shop for all things charcuterie, gift basket and grazing. Our goal is to connect you with the best charcuterie producers and artisans in your local area.

Our directory features a wide range of local charcuterie, gift basket & grazing food artist caterers we also showcase restaurants who feature boards as well as larger established brands. Each company listed has been carefully vetted by our team to ensure they meet the highest quality standards as well as meeting local licensing, certification and insurance requirements.

In addition to providing a directory of charcuterie companies, we also offer resources and information on the art of charcuterie. From how to properly store and serve charcuterie to the history and cultural significance of this beloved food tradition, we strive to be a comprehensive resource for charcuterie enthusiasts.